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Six Simple Ways to Deal with Hat Hair

The simplest way to avoid hat hair is to avoid hats. But, when weather is a factor you often don a cap for functional reasons. Preventing hat hair is much easier than fixing it, but we tried our best with these six ways to deal with hat hair.Tweed Caps

Size Matters

If you are looking for a fitted cap or beanie, opt for a looser fit. If you can’t fit your fingers easily between the bill and your forehead, it is too tight. A tight fitting cap will push your hair in funky directions and cause you to sweat, which leads to hat hair. Try hats with adjustable straps to give your head some room to breathe.


Use a shampoo or conditioner with moisturizing agents. This will help prevent static caused partly by dry scalp by keeping your hair moisturized. Trust us, we are scientists.

Dry Hair First

We advise showering daily, but make sure your hair is completely dry before slapping on a cap. If your hair is wet when you place your hat on in the morning you are asking for cowlicks. Wet hair is more malleable and your hat will push your hair every which way until it dries and hardens in place.

Don’t Brush

Hat hair is shocking (literally) and embarrassing. But, don’t immediately go digging into your pocket for a comb. One of the worst things you can do is brush your hair to remove hat hair. A brush will create more static build up, just run your fingers through your hair and wait for your hair to settle down.

Dryer Sheets

One cause of hat hair is static buildup. Before you but your hat on, run an unscented dryer sheet through your hair and on the inside of your hat to reduce static. Take one for the road for later use.

Take it Off

The easiest way to avoid hat hair is to take off your hat. Try removing your cap once every hour and immediately after activity (catching the bus, train, walking to work). This will keep your flow game strong and reduce your chance of a cowlick.

Hats like our Tweed Autumn Caps provide warmth and comfort over the colder months. Try these tips to look your best with or without wearing a cap.

Good luck and as always – Stay Sharp


Salt+Dapper Tie Clip

Tie Clip Basics: How to Wear a Tie Clip

The tie clip (tie clasp) is the handsy cousin of the tie bar. It is worn on a horizontal angle across the tie to fasten the tie to a shirt. The tie clip “grabs” the shirt instead of sliding into place like a tie bar. The tie clasp is a great accessory that combines function with a subtle touch of class. Note – avoid a tie clasp if you like to swing your tie around and say “woohoo” while dancing at weddings. Shape, color, and width should all be considered carefully before slapping on a tie clip.

Location – The Sweet Spot 

We see men wearing their tie clasps incorrectly far too often. Rule of Thumb: Fasten your tie clip between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt. If you do this too high, you defeat the functional purpose of the tie clip which is to hold your tie in place. We tend to keep ours a bit higher between the third and fourth button to add a slimming effect.   If placed to low, you negate the style factor and your clip is hidden under a jacket, or you end up with a puffed up tie.

Width Salt+Dapper Tie Clip Correct

The tie clip should be narrow, but wide enough to keep your tie fastened to your shirt. Rule of Thumb: The tie clip should be no more than ¾ the width of your tie. Keeping the tie clip “skinnier” than the tie prevents bunching or clumping up your tie. As tie folks, clumped up ties make us really sad. Ties vary in width so this can often be tricky. Salt+Dapper tie clips are 1.5” wide, which match our ties perfectly at at 2.75”.


Silver is the go-to classic for tie clips and rule of thumb is to match to jacket buttons, belt buckles, or other accessories. Salt+Dapper has 12 tie clip colors to match pocket squares, socks, or shoelaces depending on how brave you are feeling.

Tie Clips - Salt+Dapper

Salt Dapper Bow Ties

Bow Tie Breakdown

Bow Tie Breakdown: From Tip to Clasp

Fortunately, bow ties have been making a comeback in recent years. Unfortunately, most still do not know much about bow tie style, form, and overall construction. These factors are more important than one might think. With great style, comes great responsibility Continue reading

Salt+Dapper PocketSquares

A Gentleman’s Guide to Pocket Squares

A wise man named Elvis Presley once crooned, Hey, buddy, don’t you be no square

While we wholeheartedly agree with Elvis; you got no business being a square, when it comes to wearing one, well that’s a whole other story.

There are those who think a pocket square ain’t no big deal. It’s just a square of fabric, they say. Well friends, we advise you to keep away from the likes of those fools. They clearly know not the ways of the Dapper.

A pocket square can be an invaluable component of your attire. The square offers a dash of formality along with an injection of color giving life to an otherwise drab color scheme. Most squares are made from a cotton or silk, although alternative fabrics are making their way into the lineup as well.

Pocket squares come in a variety of dimensions so make sure you know what you are looking at. The simple basic square will be approximately 12” x 12” and is perfect for the simple rectangular, square, or triangular tip folds. Extreme squarists will opt for a 17” x 17” capable of being rolled and fluffed and presenting a strong, and rather.. well squareful, presence.

Perhaps the most noticeable effect on the pocket square is the hem or the finish. A simple pocket square will sport a straight or “baby” stitch hem. This means it is simply folded slightly and stitched down straight. Wear these for a simple, understated, and classic approach.
For color contrasting and extra detail, you will find squares finished with a colored whip stitch giving the edge an embroidered look. This will stand out more and can be useful to bring out a specific color accent in your outfit.
The true aficionados who, in their spare time, wisely stroke their mustaches will insist on a hand rolled edge. This is a true hand-made finish where the fabric is rolled by hand and stitched in place with a needle and thread. The square will have a slightly uneven hem since the finish is all pure handiwork.

Most fabrics ideal for pocket squares have a double sided finish so no matter which way you fold the square, the design of the fabric will be displayed. However, like any good rule, there are exceptions. And like any good exception, they are usually better than the rule. Some fabrics are one sided, yet the unfinished side is cool enough to showcase the detailing of the fabric and will actually add a little extra oomph to the square.  This effect is sure to put the mustache-stroking fellows in their place.

Case in point: Our Japanese cotton chambray squares are a perfect illustration. 

Jasmine Chambray Cotton Paisley

Staying Cool

Staying Cool Whilst Looking Sharp

Let’s face it; summer at the workplace can suck. More specifically, summer at the workplace can suck for men who dress well. Everything is sticky, you stick to chairs, you stick to shirts, and random things stick to you. Now, we can’t help you if you’ve got a bad case of Hyperhidrosis (look it up!) but we do have a few tips to help you stay cool while suited up.

- Keep it Light -

If you’re wearing black in the summer, then you need to reevaluate a few things first and come back to this blog later. So let’s safely assume you are already leaning to lighter colors. To stay cool invest in lightweight and breathable material:

Cotton wicks away sweat and lets your body breathe. Trade in your Harris tweeds for some cotton. Breathable material like light cotton keeps air coming in and sweat passing through. Bonus: Try a seersucker basic suit. You know what they say… Once you try seersucker you never go back. OK, they don’t really say that. But they should. Seersucker fabric is slightly rumpled lay makes less contact with the skin, allowing maximum passage of air flow.

Colors- As mentioned before, avoid black. But, I’m a glass half full guy so I’d rather tell you what you CAN wear instead of what you can’t. We like white (as long as you don’t look like the guy in the Parliament cigarette ads in white silky robes in a white palace etc), any shade of blue, and as scary as it may seem – gray. The key is to go neutral and light tones in any of those color schemes. You want to blend in with nature’s summer goodness.

Summer jacket- Although you associate a jacket as something with squared off shoulders and at least 2 layers of fabric and more fabric, consider an unlined jacket for the summer boardroom. The loss of structure actually adapts to your body shape and looks more natural. Plus, it will make you feel 10 pounds lighter, and will stop you from experiencing those horrible rivulets of sweat running down your back while your boss drones on about maximum productivity.

Shirtsleeves – Here is a dilemma: Do you go long sleeve on a dress shirt in the summer? Or do you go short sleeve and risk looking like what’s his name from Office Space… you know; the guy with the stapler. Solution: There is no dilemma. You will always look like the Office Space guy in short-sleeve dress shirts. So unless you are employed as a mall security officer, ditch the short sleeves and learn how to roll your sleeves like a boss.

Loosen your Tie – Do not loosen it to the point where it looks like you got lassoed by an amateur cattle rustler. Loosen it about an inch and unbutton the top button. Relaxed, but ready to strike. Any time. Any place. Bring it!

Looser Clothes- Yes, we know. Fitted clothes, slim cuts, tailored details…. That’s what it’s all about. But we are just getting acquainted with one another and those fitted pants are definitely suggesting that you’re looking for more. We don’t want you to look like Jared from Subway or Shaq’s roommate but a little extra room allowing for air flow won’t kill you.

Extra Shirt – Bring a change of clothes to the office or in a bag with you. If you are walking into a big meeting or have face time with a new client, pull a quick phone booth wardrobe switch and give your day a whole new fresh start.

If you still just can’t seem to stop sweating, these last few tips will do the trick.

Undershirts –Undershirts wick away sweat and act as a necessary shield between your body that we don’t want to see and your shirt which we do. Invest in some quality 100% cotton undershirts.

Powder – Make sure no one ever catches you doing this. Pat some powder on your under arms and other places to keep everything nice, dry, and fresh.

Keep a Towel Handy – Try to avoid constantly wiping your face like a deep south pastor, but a dab or swipe here or there can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable. Again discretion is key. We’re talking washcloth-size in a desk drawer. Not 600 thread count Hotel elite collection beach blankets.

It’s tough to be Dapper in 90+ weather, but not impossible. Follow these simple tips to stay cool and try, and check out our Summer Collection (link) once you’ve mastered the art of staying cool.

Stay Sharp



Seven Deadly Sins of Wedding Season

It is wedding season and your roommates, best bros, ex-girlfriends, and coworkers are getting married. Like most adults aged 21-35 you probably have 3+ weddings to attend this year. Avoid these 7 pitfalls and you will survive wedding season. Neglect these and you will likely perish.

  1. Being “That” Guy: You know who we are talking about, in other words numbers 2-7.
  2. No RSVP: Be sure to RSVP as soon as you possibly can. Nothing is more annoying to then trying to plan a wedding for somewhere between 100 and 325 people. Along those lines, don’t add a date if the invite doesn’t specify. The bride and groom can figure it out themselves, thank you very much.
  3. Being Underdressed: Women have it harder when it comes to wedding attire etiquette, but that doesn’t mean men should turn their brains off. Check the invitation, most couples will tip their hand at color scheme and attire in the invite. If not, night weddings (ceremony 5:00 pm or later) are typically more formal. Day weddings and beach weddings you can get away with brighter/lighter attire like seersuckers or blues.
    1. PS. Golf clothing is NOT considered formal or appropriate for weddings any time of the day or year.
  4. Getting Stupid Drunk: I like an adult beverage as much as the next guy, but play it cool: nobody wants to take care of you. Here is a quick way to notice when you’ve had enough: When you are cracking these awesome jokes (loudly) and no one besides you thinks they are funny. Stick to one type of drink (beer, wine, or liquor all night) and don’t mix too many things. Many times you will have a limited choice, but if not come prepared with a manly drink order.
  5. Not Dancing: It’s a wedding, one of the most fun events in your adult life, get out there and dance. Contrary to what you may instinctively think, you are NOT too cool to dance. If you aren’t comfortable dancing, get up during one of the songs where they tell you every step (Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide). Perhaps that will break the seal and bring out your inner dancing machine. When in doubt, simply sway, shimmy, smile and snatch another champagne flute off the passing tray.
  6. Wearing a Clip on: We take this one personally for obvious reasons. Unless you are renting, you need to learn to tie a tie/bow tie and feel comfortable wearing one.
  7. Flaring Up: You don’t want to peacock (circa 2007) but if worn well, pocket squares, ties, cufflinks, and other accessories will certainly set you apart and class up the place. Subtle additions make a world of difference.
Salt+Dapper Shoelaces

Laces Out – Your Guide to Shoelaces

Someone wise once said, “A little shoelace goes a long way”. Actually no one said that. But they should have. With today’s #Menswear devotees, it has become apparent that it’s not the big statement pieces that make you shine but the little accents and details that truly provide that perfected finished effect. So take off your diamond encrusted Ray-bans and hear us out.  Continue reading