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Salt + Dapper is a lifestyle brand based on Long Island, New York. We opened our doors in 2014, but have been active in the industry since 2003.

The brand was designed for the gentleman in us all. Our customers take care and pride in how they dress. They set about their day with shoulders squared, a confident step, a firm handshake, and a hearty chuckle.

Our inspiration for the brand draws upon old standards, and fuses them with modern day design. A Salt+Dapper man is well dressed and groomed with a perfected nonchalance. He exhibits what the Italians call sprezzatura, a quality that sets him apart from his well-meaning counterpart hopefuls.

We present carefully detailed and curated products. Be it a lapel flower, bowtie, or watch band our productswill always complement your ensemble.

Become a Salt + Dapper man today.

Jack Fischman
Founder and CEO